Silicone Roof Coating Specialists

Orange County Silicone Roof CoatingOne of the most effective ways to protect your roofing is with a silicone coating. At George Parks Roofing & Painting, our company name has become synonymous with high-quality service work, including being considered silicone specialists.

There are different variations and methods of applications, but many of the general benefits stay the same. Some of these include:

Aside from a thorough power washing, your roof requires no prep work, such as primer, before applying silicone. That makes it quicker and easier to get this job done, as long as no repairs need to be made prior. Silicone performance is unsurpassed. It holds up well against the elements including standing water. Few other coatings even come close to resistant to moisture, as well as leaks.

This material does not lose its effectiveness over time, nor does it break down like many other roof coating alternatives. In fact, it can even withstand UV exposure even for prolonged periods of time.

This type of roofing can also often be applied in a single coat. The ability to apply a thicker coat means only one coating is generally required. Also, this ability to apply it in thicker amounts means it can also help to correct minor slope issues.

Accept Nothing But the Best

For over four decades now, our Roofing Contractor company has been masterfully providing locals with the necessary residential and commercial roofing work they need. When it comes to something as important as your roof, only the best will do.

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