3 Helpful Tips To Ensure Your Roof Is Prepared For Spring

Now that spring has arrived, many homeowners are choosing to get outdoors and enjoy a bit of the milder weather before summer begins in earnest. During this time, however, it is important to remember that there are things that likely need to be done around the house in order to ensure your home is properly prepared for the months ahead, and for your roof in particular, this is especially important. Your roof is easily one of the most important surfaces on your entire home, and if your roof doesn’t get the care it needs now to ensure it is in good shape for the rest of what the spring and summer months have in store for it, it could wind up costing you. Your roof is subjected to some pretty brutal treatment during the winter months, and the spring months carry their own share of difficulties, which means that right now, as the weather is in the process of changing, is the time to get up there, or have a professional do so, and ensure your roof is prepared for what’s to come. To help you in this task, our team of roofing professionals have taken the time to put together this short list highlighting several things you can do now, while we are still in the early stages of spring, to prepare your roof for what’s to come.

Clean Your Gutters

While most homeowners know to clean their gutters towards the end of fall, there are many homeowners out there who don’t realize that they really need to be cleaned out again in the early spring. The fall and winter months can result in a lot of debris and foliage getting trapped in your gutters, and as the spring rains start to come down over the coming months, it is going to be more and more important to ensure yours are cleared out so the resulting water can safely find its way off of your roof. If your gutters are still stuffed with debris left over from the fall and winter, that water can easily start to pool on your roof, seeping into your attic and causing you a whole host of problems. While the weather is still fairly mild, take the time to break out the ladder and remove the debris you can, and use a hose to flush out any remainders to keep your gutters flowing smoothly.

Have Your Roof Cleaned

Your gutters aren’t the only part of your home that tend to collect debris over the course of the fall and winter months. Despite what you might think, your roof actually manages to collect its fair share of debris as well, and now, while the weather and temperatures are still fairly mild, is the time to get up there, or have a professional do so, and get it cleared off. Any debris that is still on your roof when a spring storm comes through the area can quickly turn into a projectile that could easily damage other areas of your home, or your neighbor’s home. Having your roof cleaned is also a great way to check for any broken or damaged shingles, and to remove the build up of any mold, mildew, or fungus that might have started to grow in recent months.

Check Your Attic

Many times, leaks or damages in your roof aren’t immediately noticeable from the outside of your home, so another good thing to do this spring is to get up in your attic, or hire a professional who can do so, and take a look around for any signs of damage. If you notice there are any signs that water might be getting into your home, like streaking, wet insulation, yellowing paint, or even light coming through your attic in areas where it shouldn’t be, you are going to want to call in a roofing contractor as soon as possible to repair any damages found. Call George Parks Roofing & Painting for more information today!

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