When Should You Schedule a Roof Repair?

When Should You Schedule a Roof Repair?When you hire a roofing contractor to install new shingle roofing on your Newport Beach home, you probably aren’t thinking about the roof repairs that you’ll have to address as the roof ages. If you monitor the condition of your roof and maintain it regularly, you shouldn’t experience many problems unless severe weather damages the shingle roofing. Keeping up with roof repairs is important because the longer you can keep your roof in good shape, the longer you can wait to schedule another roof replacement.

The Roof Shingles Have Granule Loss

“Granule loss” is a term that describes the loss of protective granules on shingle roofing. This deterioration occurs as roofs age, but if you’ve had severe weather, your roof may experience rapid granule loss and age prematurely. Significant granule loss on a new roof is a bad sign, so you should contact your roofing contractoras soon as possible if you notice it.

The Roof Shows Signs of Hail Damage

Hailstorms are one of the main causes of rapid granule loss. As hail impacts a roof, the shingle granules are chipped away, resulting in further damage from rain and UV rays. Scheduling roof inspections after hailstorms is a good way to monitor the granule loss of your shingle roofing.

The Roof Shingles Are Curling or Blistering

Blistered or curled shingles indicate trouble for your roof. Blistering and curling are often caused by excess moisture and extreme heat, but hiring a roofing contractorto improve the ventilation in your home can prevent this problem and the subsequent leaking that can occur.

The Roof Isn’t Ventilated Properly

Vents located on the top and base of your roof increase ventilation by allowing cool air to enter the bottom vents and warm air to rise and exit through the top vents. Improper ventilation leads to problems regarding excess moisture, mold and mildew growth, and an inability to regulate the temperature of homes. A roof and attic that aren’t well-ventilated can harm shingle roofing, rafters, and insulation, and all of these complications can knock years off of your roof’s life span.

New shingle roofing is an excellent investment, but you must be mindful of roof repairs that you may require as your roof experiences heavy impacts and regular wear and tear. When you need to schedule roof repairs for your Newport Beach home, reach out to trained professionals at George Parks Roofing & Painting, a reputable roofing contractor.

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